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- goat yogurt, lamb meat, rice, various local spices - 

On your travel to The Holy Land, we want to assure that you get to engage first-hand with the local culture and people. And what better way to do this than by reserving a day to soak into the heart-warming hospitality of a Jerusalemite family home?

On this handpicked experience, you will be enjoying the local cuisine Mansaf.

Mansaf is cooked and enjoyed all over the Middle East and is especially famous in the Levant and for being the national dish of Jordan. The very traditional dish is made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt, truly unique in taste. It is served together with rice or bulgur, and goes well with herbs and roasted nuts on top. The name of the dish is loosely translated into "large dish", meaning that it is heavy but very delicious, and definitely a dish cherished by meat lovers. 

After dinner, you will enjoy local sweets, hot tea, or coffee of your preference, as well as the possibility to enrich yourself by talking and spending more time with the host family.

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1. Reserve a date

The first step needed so you can start this food journey is by reserving a date and filling all the required information in the form, so the team at Dine in Jerusalem can review it and proceed with. All the information provided is securly saved and private and won't be shared with anyone outside the platform and it is only for service customization purposes.

2. Host review and approval

After receiving your reservation, the platform will automatically send your reservation to all the matching hosts so they can review the reservation details. The first available host who matches with your reservation details, will be able to accept and confirm the reservation, and he/she will be your official host for this journey.

3. Payment Checkout

After a host approval, you will receive a notification confirming to you that there is an available host who is ready to welcome you in the Holy Land for that unique day. And you will be prompted to finalize your reservation by paying the amount due to finalize this reservation. Your payment will be processed in a secure channel via PayPal secure gateway.

4. Confirmation and Details

Once your payment is successfully received. You will recieve an email confirming your payment successful transaction, and will also get all the details about the host family and location, and the date you selected will be reserved for you, and the location of the host will be also mentioned with a Google maps link.

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